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Dons 4 Div 4


In other words, nPower Football League Two 0 Blue Square Bet Premier 0 (4-3 on penalties)

To be fair, I did make a promise to myself in January that if we got promoted to the Football League this season I would post this annoyingly catchy song. Anyway, we have and so have I.

This is going to take a long while to sink in, so while it does – and while you wait for a proper report, just remember the following:

– Sky Sports instead of Premier Sports.

– BBC Football League Show instead of BBC London Non League Show.

– The Football Paper as opposed to the Non League Paper.

– Bradford City instead of Braintree.

– Local trips to Barnet, Dagenham and Redbridge, Gillingham and Aldershot.

– Semi-local trips to Oxford and Swindon.

– The most arsey journeys next season will be Plymouth and Morecambe as opposed to Barrow, Gateshead and, well, just about most places. Even Macclesfield and Crewe seem relatively straightforward.

– It pisses off Crawley for us stealing their thunder.

– Johnsons Paint Trophy games instead of FA Trophy.

– Carling Cup games against the likes of Charlton or Crystal Palace. Or even Chelski.

– No bloody Blue Square Bet.

– People knowing the concept of League Two.

– People giving more of a shit.

– £500,000 extra.

– Oh, and we will be at the level WFC would have probably been had 28/5/02 never have happened.

So, sit back and just look at this until I write something more substancial. We’ve earnt it.



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  1. Hong Kong Garden

    Never in doubt. Well done Terry. Seb balling his eyes as was I and many others. Choked up again when Bassey pushed Mainy to the crowd with the trophy!

    “Not in the wider interest of football”. That was what I thought, obviously, after going ape-bleeding-shit after the Kedwell goal. But that was uppermost in my mind. As Ivor said, “stuff ’em all”, bloody F.A. morons.

    Tinge of sadness after leaving non-league football which has been amazing. Loved every minute of it.

    God, our fans, you, me, everyone. Just sensational.

  2. NiceGirlC

    Was listening to the game on BBC London – was jumping up and down towards the end and my flatmate thought I was going mad – it was 1am!! Immensely proud. So today, if you see someone wearing an AFC Wimbledon shirt in HK, that’s me.

  3. Good to see Leslie celebrating our victory with a fierce cameltoe.

    Unbelievable night (from a down under perspective). Made even more memorable – in retrospect – by the dodgy internet stream that we were watching the game on dying just before penalties and the magic of WDON coming to the rescue to call the pens. Just unbelievable chaos when Keds scored, I’ve watched the video of the crowd reaction on Youtube and it was exactly the same on a smaller scale in my mate’s living room.

    Can’t say I’ve loved every minute of the non-league experience, but SW19’s Army has been a constant highlight through the low moments. Now for some ‘new’ experiences….


  4. dons4div4

    Blimey, twice in one lifetime, and much better second time round!

    “Dons4Div3” then, a nice little mini-league in the south west, and I get to walk to the Cheltenham game (no swearing or spitting down The Prom please).

  5. Ray Lane

    What a journey and what a fitting end to our Non-League Status. Typical Wimbledon right down to the end. BUT what an ending. I too watched a dodgy streaming of the game and many thanks to whoever it was that put that link on the iPlough Lane Stadium. Managed to get the address just before the steward took it off. Watching the penalties and the crowd reaction afterwards was just magnificent. Thank you AFC Wimbledon – the team – Terry Brown – the management and of course the supporters for making these last 9 years an absolute magic time to live. This story line could never happen again and will never happen again. Only WIMBLEDON could do it. THANK YOU ALL.
    And many thanks to you Rob for keeping us in Darkest Africa in the picture.

  6. Morden womble

    Woke up in Manchester this morning so proud of the players and everyone at the club. Cheers Terry the football this season has been cracking. I never thought I’d enjoy a national express coach journey so much.

    It only took 9 years, Hollywood couldn’t script this.

  7. Congradulations to the team and also not to mention the unsung heroes behind the scenes that have made this fairy story, pipe dream call it what you may, that we had back in 2002 to get back into the football league and claim back our rightful inheritance.

    Thanks to people like Eric, Ivor and Kris Stewart, to name but a few for getting us all on this magical carpet ride called AFC Wimbledon.

    The AFC fans were awesome from start to finish yesterday, they kicked every ball, made every tackle along with the players. Although outnumbered by 2 to 1 by Luton fans we made the stadium shake with our continual vocal support.

    We had the good fortune on the day to edge a very, tight and entertaining game, which neither side deserved to lose.

  8. Frank

    Awesome and incredible! That person wearing thier AFC shirt in Costco (Edmonton, Alberta) today? me

  9. Iain H

    I listened on my phone with one earphone in as I drove the mini van through Georgia and Alabama. Scared my wife and kids when I suddenly yelled out “Yes!” when the offside goal went in.
    Turned it off when it went to penalties as we hit the Florida state line. Couldn’t bear the stress at that point. Just as well, I would probably have crashed the car when kedwell scored. So I’m drinking alone in a beach side bar in Panama city, raising my glass to the super wombles, wishing someone here understood. But not really caring that I don’t have anyone to share it with. It’s just really fucking great.

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